The Peace & Order and Anti-Drug Abuse Council members of the Province of Lanao del Norte and Iligan converged in the city for the 1st Joint Meeting to make a united stand in strengthening the fight against the existing threats in which these local government units are facing today.

Speaking in-front of the members, Provincial Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza-Dimaporo strongly recognizes the significant importance of the meeting. Through this assembly both councils will present immediate and prevailing conditions that threaten the Peace and Order not only within its respective jurisdictions but as well as to other regions of the country.

“I suppose that we are all in agreement that Peace and Order is everybody’s concern. This meeting will synchronize our efforts in addressing the Peace and Order situation in our respective locality. In this First Joint Meeting of Lanao del Norte and Iligan City, POC is recognition of the necessity to put our acts together to address the Peace and Order problem beyond our respective administrative boundaries,” the opening statement of the Provincial Governor.

The threat of terrorism is real and constant, though the ISIS affiliated local terrorist group has been defeated but it is only the battle that has been won and the war on terror is still raging on same with the war on drugs.

The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte and the Municipal Government Units together with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police are constantly monitoring the allege recruitment supposedly conducted by suspected sympathizers linked to Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS).

Governor Angging suggested to the local government of Iligan to keep an eye or check the Madrasah in the city for sometimes these learning institutions are being used other than its intended purpose and become a place to indoctrinate and poison the young and innocent minds these learners. “What we do in Lanao del Norte with the help of the Municipal Mayors, we regularly checked the Madrasah especially the ones not accredited by the Department of Education, and most of these Madrasah are situated in family compounds.”

And on the issue of illegal drugs, Governor Angging reminded the municipal leaders as well as the leaders of the city to be vigilant and observant, and act in accordance with law to arrest those who are responsible in the proliferation these types of drugs.

Iligan City Mayor Celso G. Regencia reiterated the concern of the Governor and encourage the council members to come up with concrete solutions to address these problems such as Terrorism, Proliferation of Illegal Drugs and other criminalities like Kidnapping, Carnapping, Bombing and other related acts which violate the laws of the land and disturbed the peace and order of the communities.

The 1st Joint Meeting of the Provincial / City Peace and Order Councils and Provincial / City Anti-Drug Abuse Councils of Lanao del Norte and Iligan City took place at Elena Tower Inn on April 24, 2018. PIO-LDN