The Provincial Human Resource Management and Development Office conducted a crash course seminar to all employees of the provincial government with regards to the Merit Selection Plan (MSP), Employment Learning & Development Program and, Programs on Awards & Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) at the lobby of Governor Arsenio A. Quibranza Provincial Government Center on February 2, 2018.

This is to provide all employees significant ideas on the procedure or process from hiring to promotion, acquiring additional knowledge or skills through seminars and other learning development programs for efficient office performance, and on the basis of receiving awards and incentives through exemplary performance in serving the people in behalf of the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte.

Ms. Eugenie P. Pusing, Acting Head of PHRMDO, encouraged the employees to listen attentively during the presentation to acquire relative information or ideas.

The Merit Selection Plan is a systematic method of assessing and selecting employees on the basis of their relative qualifications and competence to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.

The Objectives of the MSP is to establish a system that is characterized by strict observance of the merit, fitness and equality principles in the selection of employees for appointment to positions in the career and non-career service in all levels; and Create equal opportunities for employment to all qualified men and women to enter the government service and for career advancement in the PGLDN.

The Human Resource Merit Promotion & Selection Board (HRMPSB) will stand as the recommending body for appointment for 1st and 2nd level positions. The Board will then recommend to the appointing officer or authority the top five (5) ranking candidates deemed most qualified for appointment to the vacant position. The appointing officer or authority for the Executive is the Provincial Governor and Vice-Governor for the Legislative.

For the Employee Learning & Development Program, the PGLDN values the importance of its human resources which contributes essentially in implementing the programs and projects of the provincial government, and providing effective and efficient public service to the people.

The provincial government will continue to develop competent and efficient public servants with the highest level of professionalism by formulating development and learning strategies that will enhance knowledge and skills for efficient performance in the workplace. One of the strategies is to organize seminars or trainings that are relevant to the employee’s position or function.

And, for the Program on Awards & Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE), the objective is to encourage, recognize and reward employees, individually and in groups, for their suggestions, innovative ideas, inventions, discoveries, superior accomplishments, heroic deeds, exemplary behaviour, extraordinary acts or services in the public interest and other personal efforts which contribute to the efficiency, economy and improvement in government operations, which lead to organizational productivity.

The presentation of Ms. Maria Jesusa Gupit motivated the employees to exert more effort in performing their functions as public servants as representatives of the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte.

Provincial Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza-Dimaporo constantly reminds all employees of the provincial government to be sincere in performing the duties and responsibilities of a public       servant and instil in everyone’s heart the primary goal of the provincial government is to serve and protect the people. PIO-LDN