For 11 consecutive years “The Land of Beauty & Bounty” continues to represent the rich and beautiful culture of the Maranao people at the grandest stage of the country which is the annual Sinulog Festival. This time the peaceful and progressive province decided to join only the float competition and skipping the full contingent parade to give more emphasis in conveying the message of peace and unity which makes Lanao del Norte distinctly unique to other provinces of the country.

What differs Lanao del Norte to other provinces is that the inhabitants are living harmoniously together for decades without prejudice to other’s culture and religion. Muslim and Christian residents share the same sentiments of a harmonious co-existence which propels the province forward in achieving prosperity by sustaining peace and unity.

The Float of Lanao del Norte features the “Okir”, a geometric and flowing design that are found in Muslim artworks of Mindanao. In this particular float the design is distinctly Maranao, in commemoration of the Muslim majority residents of the province and to stand united with the people of Marawi City who suffered tremendously due to terrorism.

The overall design of the float was inspired by a Lancha, meaning “boat”. The float will carry 17 Sarimanok in origami form. Sarimanok is a legendary bird of the Maranao people that embodies the ubiquitous symbol of Maranao art. The 17 birds represent the 17 regions of the country all together in one boat to showcase unity, peace, color and life.

In addition, dancers will be on the float to signify unity between Muslims and Christians. A Torogan or Maranao house will also be installed on the float where performers representing the Provincial Governor, 1st District Congressman and the 2nd District Congressman will be seen sitting whilst the percussionists are playing the Muslim instruments.

“We hope that the people will still be wowed by our float. Our float in all essence made with true love. The float is made of yarn to represent threads, why threads because of woven. The livelihood of the Maranaos or the art is really to weave. That’s what we wanted to represent a float that symbolizes something that is woven because all of us have different stories, their different stories that are woven into one. And That‘s another symbolism of what unity is. We may be all different, we may be doing different things, we may have different beliefs but together we weaved into one people and into one province,” explains Fatimah Aliah Quibranza Dimaporo.

Mr. Toym Imao, the famous Filipino multi-media artist is the one responsible in making the vision of Provincial Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza-Dimaporo into life. Mr. Imao a Tausug whose father was the late National Artist Abdulmari Asia Imao, clearly understands the idea of the Provincial Governor and the message she wants to convey. PIO-LDN