The Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte and The Office of 2nd District Congressman Abdullah ‘Bobby’ Dimakuta Dimaporo is pioneering a livelihood program by partnering with University of the Philippines – Los Baños in introducing new agricultural technologies through a Farmers Training Program under the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR). The training was about “Pollinator Conservation and Promotion of Stingless Bee Technologies in Lanao del Norte” that was held successively in Barangay Belis in Kapatagan last January 4–5, in Barangay Bulod of Tubod on January 15–16 and recently was in Pikinit, Sultan Naga Dimaporo on January 17–18, 2018.

Each of the three Barangays was given 20 Beehives for them to take care and propagate. 90 new bee keepers, 30 from Bulod, 35 from Pikinit and 25 from Belis are tasked to watch over the beehives in their respective areas. These bee farmers have been equipped with full knowledge on how to maintain the bee farm. The bees that were provided are Stingless honey bees which mean they are harmless and can help nearby farms increase production. These types of bees are valuable pollinators in farms since 41.13 percent of Lanao del Norte’s total land area is devoted to agricultural activities.

“Very sustainable because these are local species they are relatively free and resistant to pest and diseases, easy to manage, low cost and requires low level of skill, Lanao del Norte is a Haven for Stingless Bees,” according to Dr. Cleofas Cervancia, bee expert from University of the Philippines-Los Baños.

Dr. Cleofas Cervancia further explained that honey from the stingless bees has high clinical value and the Propolis created by the bees contains anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

The bee farmers were taught how to create a variety of products from the ingredients that can be found in the bee hive aside from the conventional honey. The trainees actively participated in the demonstration in making soaps and lip balms from extracted Bees wax and Propolis. Dr. Cervancia and her staff Elmer Polintan and Jessica Baroga lectured on the basic knowledge of pollination, proper hygiene in extracting honey. The team as well reminded the trainees only apply pesticides only in the afternoon for the bees are active in the morning spreading pollen in the crops.

The Farmers Training program is an initiative of 2nd District Representative, Congressman Abdullah ‘Bobby’ Dimakuta Dimaporo in his quest to help residents having their own income. In addition, the good Congressman wants to further enhance the agricultural potential of the province by introducing Bee Farming in Lanao del Norte. Provincial Governor Imelda ‘Angging’ Quibranza-Dimaporo support the programs of 1st District Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza Dimaporo and the Congressman of the 2nd District which generate jobs and help increase the economy of Lanao del Norte, “The Land of Beauty and Bounty.” PIO-LDN