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2017 LANORTEMAN kicks off in Kolambugan

It was early Sunday morning of May 22, 2017 where people gathered in the municipal port of Kolambugan to see triathletes getting ready for the 1st Leg of LANORTEMAN, a three leg triathlon series that happens every year in the Province of Lanao del Norte. Triathletes from different regions of the country as well as our own local team were excited to start this physical and mental test of stamina and endurance.

The night before the competition day, race briefing was held in Mindanao Civic Center Hotel-Gazebo. Mr. Dennis Yap, Head of the Transition Production, presented the routes for the racers in the Standard and the Beginners categories. Triathletes were also reminded that during bike runs, riders must be conscious of the race routes that it is open to vehicular traffic though Marshalls will be assigned in areas to help direct the traffic.

Race Director Pong Miňoza, laid down all the rules and guidelines, and warned racers during bike runs not to put themselves in danger by doing drafting or slipstreaming (a technique where two or more racers moving on the same direction are caused to align in a close group reducing the overall effect of drag due to exploiting the lead object’s slipstream) by tailing the back of a moving vehicle as this is considered as one of the grounds for disqualification. Mr. Miňoza added by calling the attention of the players participating in the swimming event to be consciously aware that if can no longer be able to finish the course just wave or call the attention of the rescue units standing by, and in case a participant is pulled out from the water he or she can still continue the race but it can no longer be part of the winners.

More than two hundred triathletes registered for the 1st Leg of LANORTEMAN 2017 according to Mr. Pong Miňoza compared to last year’s 160 plus only. This number can be seen at the port of Kolambugan where these triathletes eagerly preparing their gears. Ms. Sittie Aminah Quibranza-Dimaporo of the TRI SND (Sultan Naga Dimaporo) Barracuda Team carefully checks her bike and other needed gears before the countdown starts.

It was a friendly atmosphere despite this is a competition. Triathletes were seen smiling, meeting and chatting with other racers whom they have met in some other triathlon events. Proud parents were there to give their endless support to their children and friends to cheer them up.

Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo made time despite of her hectic schedule to personally grace the event and welcomes all triathletes from Unilab Active Health, Rider Omega Tri Team of Cebu, Brite Dipolog, Paseo de Loon, Molave Bikers, Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, Iligan Archangels MultiSport as well as the team of the Province, the TRI SND Barracuda. The Governor graciously thanked Mayor Lorenzo V. Manigos of Kolambugan for the support he has shown before starting the countdown for the beginning of the 1st Leg of LANORTEMAN Triathlon Series.

These are the results of the 1st Leg by Category:

Sprint Male:

  1. Lucian Antonio A. Alejo : 1st Overall from Unilab Health Active; 01:07:39 (Time)
  2. Lee Gabriel A. Escalante : 2nd Overall from Iligan Archangels MultiSport; 01:11:50 (Time)
  3. Clinton A. Ortezano : 3rd Overall from SND Barracuda; 01:17:39 (Time)

Sprint Female:

  1. Miles Dorothy A. Valdez : 1st Overall from Iligan Archangels MultiSport; 01:30:03 (Time)
  2. Gwynneth A. Recentes : 2nd Overall from Brite Dipolog; 01:30:54 (Time)
  3. Divine A. Doromal : 3rd Overall from The Molave Bikers; 01:33:17 (Time)

Standard Age Group Male:

  1. Emmanuel A. Commendador : 1st Overall from the team Paseo de Loon; 02:04:16 (Time)
  2. Jonard A. Saem : 2nd Overall from Unilab Active Health; 02:04:36 (Time)
  3. Satar A. Salem : 3rd Overall from SND Barracuda; 02:04:45 (Time)

Standard Age Group Female:

  1. Leyann A. Ramo : 1st Overall from Iligan Archangels MultiSport; 02:26:26 (Time)
  2. Feelin A. Torres : 2nd Overall from Rider Omega Tri Team; 02:30:03 (Time)
  3. Cianyl A. Gonzalez : 3rd Overall from Rider Omega Tri Team; 02:31:35 (Time)

LANORTEKIDS Triathlon Series was also held in MCC in the morning of May 21, 2017; one of the sports activities sponsored by the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte for the development of young athletes of the province.

Governor Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo commends the perfect coordination and seamless efforts of The Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, The Provincial Health Office, The Provincial Civil Security Unit, The Provincial Community Affairs Division and Provincial Information Office, The Office of Mayor Lorenzo V. Manigos of Kolambugan, Philippine Army together with the Philippine National Police of the Province and other Civil Security Units that made this 1st leg a successful one. PIO-LDN


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