After last year’s Special Training for Employment Program (STEPS) the beneficiaries who participated in the curriculum has now graduated last Thursday March 23, 2017 through the help of the Office of the 1st District Congressman and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

With the help of Mindanao State University – Maigo School of Arts and Trades the trainees of the program learned the art of dress making TESDA will provide them with equivalent toolkits; this program was budgeted with the amount of 52,000 pesos.

Director Tarhata S. Mapandi TESDA LN Provincial Office is the special guest during their culmination activity.

The program has enabled the 15 beneficiaries an increase of 63% in the chances of employment their rate alone with the help of TESDA these individuals will now receive their allowance from the program which is 60 pesos per day for 33 days which they may use as a seed capital to start their livelihood undertakings.

During the event the office of the 1st District was represented by Board Member Jackmar Maruhom as Hon. Congressman Mohamad Khalid Quibranza-Dimaporo was on a busy schedule for this event.

One of the essences of the STEPS program is to promote employment and to addresses the specific needs of the community specifically in the ways of entrepreneurship, self-employment and service oriented activities.

STEP program opens a great number of opportunities to indigent families that experience poverty, this training aims to reduce poverty and boosting up the local economy at a slow pace.

Soon enough the graduates of the program will open up micro-businesses that would help them rise from the deprivation of essential goods in life. PIO-LDN


Panagtagbo sa Kalinaw and Press Conference with Sec. Dureza and Usec. Camara

Panagtagbo sa Kalinaw and Press Conference with Sec. Dureza and Usec. Camara

Throughout its history Lanao del Norte has been the subject of discord and turmoil but never has it been as peaceful and as progressive in the last few decades, the unification of the Quibranza and the Dimaopro family started it all but minor skirmishes still exist today though only from the rebel groups that hide within mountain areas of the province that are against the current government.

People today may think that the diversity of the people in the province is a stumbling block for progress but not here in Lanao del Norte, it is a reminder that we may never repeat the past and that the unity of the people is the backbone of the land’s progressive image and the bounties it can offer.

March is celebrated as the Lanao Month of Peace it is to enliven the duty to continue the peace and order in the province, this year Secretary Jesus head of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process and Undersecretary Philip Camara from the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources visited the province to participate in the “Panagtagbo sa Kalinaw” or Convergence For Peace.

After the formalities Secretary Dureza held a Press Conference and clarified the questions by the media and emphasized their importance in informing the general public, the OPAPP is very open to the media to gain trust from the people.

Undersecretary Philip Camara emphasized the projects of the DENR in Lanao del Norte to combat deforestation is to plant 30,000 hectares of bamboos  and 5000 hectares for the mangroves. Governor Angging is very glad that the DENR is giving focus now in Mindanao.

The latest update from the OPAPP is the meeting in Malaysia regarding the engagements with the Bangsamoro Transition Comission to craft a new bill that will replace the BBL for it didn’t pass in the congress and that the Malaysians will continue to support as special advisors not as Facilitators anymore.

Regarding on the relationship of the New People’s Army and the national government, the NPA wishes to call back the unilateral ceasefire but before they would do it they must contact and control their ground commanders to avoid any incidents in the future, the next meeting of the government with the NPA would be on the Netherlands during April 2 up to April 6. PIO-LDN


Vice President Leni Robredo’s Angat-Buhay Program reaches Tangcal.

Vice President Leni Robredo’s Angat-Buhay Program reaches Tangcal.

One of the most prominent problems of our country is that poverty is widespread and we Filipinos know the struggle and the hardships that poverty brings, Poverty incidence among Filipinos in 2015 was estimated at 21.6 percent.  During the same period in 2012, poverty incidence among Filipinos was recorded at 25.2 percent.

Though it has decreased slowly poverty is always a hindrance towards progress as it bars children with potential from education, it weakens workers, the backbone of industrialization, causes many women to be disenfranchised and it ends lives that can be saved in hospitals.

With all these in mind, our Vice President Leni Robredo has been keen and has set her eyes in ending poverty and raising the quality of life of every Filipino family. The Vice President had initiated the Angat Buhay: Partnerships against Poverty.

Angat Buhay Program has initially selected 50 local government units from all over the country and will be partnered with nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and private corporations that can help them fund projects such as for infrastructure, housing, disaster management, livelihood and education.

Vice President Leni Robredo has brought Angat Buhay to Tangcal as this program can only be brought to its maximum potential if the leadership of the place is most empowering and efficient. Tangcal has proven to be as such for in the past few years as peace and order has been enforced in the area.

 Now Tangcal is in good hands the Vice President has brought partners that will help the municipality to progress such as Nestle Philippines to promise Cocoa and Coffee plantations and to hire the farmers in Tangcal to tend the plantations.

The Staff of the Mayor in partnership with Xavier University plans to conduct studies to maximize the farm area and to further help the people of Tangcal.

“Kami pong nasa gobyernong national mas nararamdaman namin ang kailangan nyo kung kami mismo ang bababa dito kesa kung nababasa namin sa papel yung kahilingan nyo: nung papunta kami ditto habang nasa helicopter kami napakaganda ng Tangcal” – Vice President Leni Robredo. PIO-LDN

1st NTC-ACRC Quarterly Regional Congress held in MCC Gymnasium

1st NTC-ACRC Quarterly Regional Congress held in MCC Gymnasium, March 17, 2017.

Information dissemination is vital during times of disaster as storms and man-made calamities frequent in our country, with such occurrences terrestrial communications go down and cellular networks are immediately overloaded or destroyed, there are clubs of amateur and civic radio operators all around Mindanao ready to help.

Last Friday the first National Telecommunications Commission-Amateur and Civic Radio Club quarterly congress began and was held at the Mindanao Civic Center Gymnasium with the theme: “Effective early warning and early response through efficient communication system”.

Over forty amateur and professional radio clubs all over region ten gathered together for the event, the activity was initiated by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council and led by Ms. Marlyn O. Trozo, NTC Region-X Dir. Teodoro Buenavista Jr.and Office of the Civil Defense-X Dir. Liza Rosales Mazo.

Board Member Harris Umpa Ali was also in the activity; He expressed his support and showed the importance of the Radio Clubs during in times of need and the responsibilities they carry as public informants for reliable information.

Local radio plays a particularly critical role in a community-based response to a crisis.  Disaster researchers often note that all disasters are local in their impact, and that the first response to a crisis comes from the community itself.  Local radio stations, given their resilience, flexibility, and accessibility, play a critical role in informing the public, coordinating response, and reconstituting community connections.

“Importante kining ACRC para ang mga different clubs mausa sa usa ka organization in times of disaster we response at one time, paghiusa sa mga different radio clubs dinhi sa Mindanao kasi in unity there is strength and there is force.” – Professor Andam Makalinding, Islamic Communication Philippine Original from Iligan.

When weather, natural, man-made or war/terrorism emergencies strike, amateur and civic radio operators fill the void left by busy government, humanitarian, safety and law enforcement agencies. They are highly trained professionals whose job has a very serious side in serving humanity in areas of their expertise. –PIO/LDN

More than 300 applicants to undergo Study and Work in Japan Program


More than 300 applicants to undergo Study and Work in Japan Program

Japan has recently opened its gates to workers from other countries to help its graying population and to address its dwindling labour force. 2nd District Congressman Abdullah “Bobby” Dimakuta-Dimaporo initiated the Study and Work Program in Japan with over 300 applicants that poured over MCC Hotel Gazebo.

It is a two-day event from March 14-15, 2017 the first day will be the orientation and the second interview for the program, the activity began around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

The Organizations involved in the orientation are Waseda Edu. Japanese School represented by Masakazu Onda, Global Professional Services President Tetsuya Naka, Visa Consultancy Services Gen. Manager Leandro Ponce III, Erlinda Isomura IPS Professional Services Manager and Marina Asano as the interpreter.

Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo fully supports the program and imparted a message to the applicants – “kini dako kayo ni na oportunidad kaninyo kay kining para makatabang dili lang sa atong kaugalingon apan sa ato sab nga pamilya”.

This program will support our fellow Filipinos that want to work in the “land of the rising sun” JAPAN the applicants will undergo a one-year study of the Japanese language “nihongo” in Waseda Edu. Japanese Language School and work part-time with the minimum wage of four-hundred pesos per hour.

Filipinos are mostly sought out when there is a hiring for jobs in oversees given the skill Filipinos as hospitable and very diligent in their work. Japan is looking Students, Education, Graduates, IT Practitioners, Nursing Aides and Caregivers.

With this program studying or working in Japan has never been easy, applicants that participated in this program will have an increased value as an employee or individual in a global scale, opportunity to do business with international clients either for employment or business purposes and higher opportunity to become successful in terms of financial or educational success. PIO-LDN


The Importance of the Panguil bay Bridge discussed along with the landowners affected by the project.

The Importance of the Panguil bay Bridge discussed along with the landowners affected by the project.

Landowners met with Governor Imelda “Angging” Quibranza-Dimaporo along with PEO, DPWH, PPDO and PASSO. The gathering is about concerning the lands affected by the project are owned by private property, our lady Governor wishes the landowners and the Provincial Government to have a fair agreement beneficial to both sides so that the construction and laying of the foundation of the bridge can begin as fast as possible.

Gov. Angging also shared that this is also a dream of the late Governor Asenio A. Quibranza and Tangub City Mayor Alfonso Tan, a bridge that connects from the port of Tubod connecting to Silangga port of Tangub.

Presently the fastest way to travel across the bay is to be transported by passenger ferryboats across the channel from Ozamiz City to Tubod in Lanao del Norte but passengers have to wait for the hourly trips and the 20 minutes boat ride.

The Panguil Bay Bridge will be the longest and largest bridge in Mindanao it will cut the travel time and cost that would save up money from commuters and private vehicles instead of paying it off to ferry boats. Panguil Bay covers parts of Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga del Sur, and Lanao del Norte provinces.

The construction of the bridge is vital as it opens a new path connecting the Zamboanga Peninsula to the rest of Mindanao, as emphasized by Gov. Angging during the meeting; her main concern is that the old route along Lanao del Norte’s National highway have bridges over fifty years old and it is constantly being watched by the DPWH for repairs and renewal.

“I’ve been asking DPWH to check on our bridges kay some of our bridges are more than fifty years old na unya ug nay maputol . . . paralyze jud” – Gov. Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo on her speech concerning the significance of the building of the bridge.

The cost of the bridge’s construction is 4.9 billion pesos and hopefully it will finish by the year 2020 it would cut of travel time from Tangub to Tubod from 2.5 hours to 7 minutes. It will also significantly improve the travel time from Cagayan de Oro and Iligan to the provinces of Zamboanga del norte, Zamboanga del sur and Misamis Occidental. PIO-LDN







Thirty Hygiene Kits and two wheelchairs distributed for the flood victims

The activity was fully supported by the PGLDN with the help of Municipal Risk Reduction Management Office staff and the Department of Social Welfare and Development along with other LGUs.

The heavy rains last week have affected the province seriously it has displaced families, damaged the infrastructure and maimed the populace, now victims of the flood are vulnerable to water-born diseases because of unclean environment, they are in threat of harmful micro-organisms that thrive in dirty water as well.

Flooding is associated with an increased risk of infection; the major risk factor for outbreaks associated with flooding is the contamination of drinking-water facilities and because of the flood clean water is hard to come by but the Provincial Government of Lanao del Norte is doing their best to minimize and as much as possible prevent such diseases to spread

With the risk of acquiring these diseases due to inevitable dirty lifestyle that was caused by the floods the Provincial Health Office took action to distribute thirty Hygiene Kits to the evacuees and two wheelchairs. Dr. Melania Abad-Untao, PHO-II organized the activity which was held in Poblacion Central Elementary School Covered Court.

It is advised that the victims should vigorously boil water for one minute as it can kill most microorganisms, avoid flies by disposing animal and organic wastes properly, eat cooked and warm foods, always keep foods and beverages closed and practice proper hygiene.

The activity was fully supported by the PGLDN with the help of Municipal Risk Reduction Management Office staff and the Department of Social Welfare and Development along with other LGUs.

For any health concerns the populace is urged to listen to DXNE 94.3 MHz Radyo Kalambuan programs, it is a community radio station owned and operated by the national nutrition council to promote good health, correct and timely nutrition.

As long as keeping proper hygiene and sanitary habits acquiring diseases after floods will be less likely to happen, the provincial government is always ready to help anyone in need, and always remember that prevention is better than cure and it’s cheaper as well. PIO-LDN


Lanao del Norte Women United in Environmental Preservation

Lanao del Norte Women’s Association unites to preserve and protect the environment as they have initiated a coastal cleanup from from SND to Linamon with the support from the barangays and the municipalities along their coastal areas.

Lanao del Norte Women’s Association unites to preserve and protect the environment as they have initiated a coastal cleanup from from SND to Linamon with the support from the barangays and the municipalities along their coastal areas.

The Clean-up drive began at 8:00 in the morning and ended around 11:00 near noon, the activity was led by Annabelle S. Mendez head of the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, this activity aims to empower women because empowering women enables them to confidently and meaningfully engage with appropriate institutions to ensure that they contribute to and benefit from development and changes.

“We make change work for women” is this year’s theme for the national Women’s Month means putting in place functional mechanisms as well as implementing and making known to citizens, programs and services that address strategic gender needs of women.

 In this age of environmental concern individuals are outwardly interested in the healthy state of their surroundings. Pollution is one of the major causes of today’s diseases that cause malnutrition and chronic diseases that affect the youth.

Today’s talk is all about “green;” that universal symbol of value, respect and concern for the life-sustaining processes and cycles of the natural environment system, of which we all are a part. Those same processes settle on our health and quality of life that we, as humans, can harmfully affect and alter by our activities we continue to improperly manage our wastes.

Women’s group from each Municipality participated and advocated the importance of mother earth, this year’s Women’s month is mostly about the environmental safeguard and conservation it aims to open the general public’s eyes that the way we live affects the environment.

Degradation of the forests and mangroves has affected the environment negatively due to pollution and illegal logging, these trees and plants lost hold the ground and work as natural wave breakers that prevent landslides and large tides that are eating the coastal ground.

Women’s Month has just begun and thousands of women already are working together to show what they can do for the betterment of the province many activities will come such as the upcoming women’s month culmination at the end of March. PIO-LDN


Tree Planting Activity to celebrate International Women’s Day


March was declared Women’s Month under Proclamation Nos. 224 and 227, while the first week of March was declared Women’s Week. March 8 is Women’s Rights and International Peace Day.

International Women’s Day, as the name implies, is a day to celebrate womanhood, their social, political, cultural, political, economic achievements and their significant contributions to society, while laying importance on gender equality.

March was declared Women’s Month under Proclamation Nos. 224 and 227, while the first week of March was declared Women’s Week. March 8 is Women’s Rights and International Peace Day, and is known locally as National Women’s Day as declared by Philippine law.

The Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office initiated a tree planting activity led by Annabelle S. Mendez along with ERU of Mala Salug Sapad, Philippine Army, PNP and almost all Provincial Employees in the Capitol up to the Nurses of the Provincial Hospitals.

To make up for carbon dioxide that continues to choke the atmosphere, the whole party planted one-hundred trees at the Barangay Mala Salug, Sapad near the foot of a hill.

 “Ang trees man gud aside naghatag ug shade and shelter naghatag nig kaayuhan daghan kaayog kaayuhan and one of it nga the reason why we are still alive, breathing is because of the oxygen nga iyahang mahatag sa atoa so that is why importante jud gayod nga mag tree planting ta” – Sindao Dimaporo-Asis.

Governor Imelda Quibranza Dimaporo and Honorable Board Member Grecille Matalines fully support the Women’s Month celebration. BM Matalines shared how women can make change in our country and sent an important message to the PGLDN employees.

“ang tema nato karon “Women make change” actually ang kausaban naa na ang ato lang buhaton is ang atong pag-praktis sa mao nga kausaban” – Honorable Grecille Matalines Board Member of the 1st District of LdN

Feminism is a sensitive topic as women now rise to compete against some Patriarchal society of the world, the equality that the women seek is now much closer and within reach. PIO-LDN

Floods in Lanao del Norte claimed 0 lives

Almost 40 houses have been affected by the flooding in Purok 4 Pigcarangan alone, traffic has made it near impossible to get from Kolambugan to Tubod.

Purok 4 Pigcarangan Tubod, Lanao del Norte – Constant rain due to low pressure area flooded the areas of the province, the highways affected by flood and landslides has made it unsafe for light vehicles to pass, the provincial government and PNP secured a lifeline in the area for tricycles and people for they are unable to go pass the road because of the water overflowing the creek for the reason that the vegetation from the upper area has been carried away by the current that blocked the waterway.

Almost 40 houses have been affected by the flooding in Purok 4 Pigcarangan alone, traffic has made it near impossible to get from Kolambugan to Tubod, Landslides have been occuring along the roads towards Mukas Port in barangays Tabigue, Manga and Masurot of Kolambugan that worsen the traffic in the area, a posts in barangay Segapod Maigo has fallen down due to the rain softening the soil.

Suspension of classes has been declared on most municipalities that were affected heavily by the heavy rainfall 18 families in Lala have been evacuated and 70 more expecting evacuation for a possible river flow in Butadon River.

The PDRRMC along with MDRRMC led the clearing operations on Kolambugan, Manga and Tabigue they commissioned Back-hoes, Dump trucks and deployed PGLDN Search and Rescue teams on flooded areas and used 4×4 trucks and large vehicles to safely transfer stranded people in Poblacion Crossing.

And by evening around 6:00 pm the road from Tubod to Iligan is now passable and cleared for transport the vigilance of the PDRRMC and constant communication with the help of Emergency Response Teams has been a huge factor in preventing any loss of lives, though many injuries have been reported it is safe to say that their quick response of the disaster has played a vital role in preventing any more damages. PIO-LDN